About Us

WONTAE will continue to change and innovate until we become the best in the world, surpassing the best in Korea in the Die-Casting market.


Environmental Policy

At Wontae, we are thinking about Sustainable Future.

  • Use of Recycled Materials

    99% of materials we use are recycled materials. By using 99% recycled material, Wontae contributes to global CO2 emission reduction.

  • Solar Power is the key to a clean energy of the future.

    At Wontae Gimpo Plant, we generate solar energy using the solar panels on the rooftop, powering some of our facility. We are also planning implement solar energy generating panels to our OTM plant in Vietnam in near future. Our contribution at present maybe small, but it will continuously grow into the future providing sustainable future for our future generations.

Minimization of the occurrence of pollutants

Minimization of chemical use

Minimization of energy use

Compliance with domestic and international environmental laws

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