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Wontae Die Casting assure customer requirement providing best tool design with engineering know-how acquired for long time as a leading company in diecasting industry
1. Diecasting tool
Diecasting tool is one of the most important in diecasting parts. The quality and production efficiency of diecasting parts depend on the quality and function of diecasting tool.
Characteristic of diecasting parts
(1) appearance - surface treatment is performed for better appearance of diecasting parts
(2) low weight - Magnesium diecasting, thin wall diecasting
(3) leak proof - squeeze diecasting, local squeeze diecasting
(4) Preciseness - precise diecasting, machining
(5) Cost -multy cavity, laborlessness, tool life time warranty, standardization of mold
It is important to design tool, production process and fixture reflecting part design to assure the above consideration
2. Structure of diecasting tool
3. Classification by structure
(1) Unit tool type
It is tools without mold base and used for small sized parts. There may be variation from heat treatment when tool is bigger. This type of tool is adequate for small sized tool and is used for special purpose
(2) Insert tool type
This is to insert cavity core of high quality steel into mold base of low quality steel and is widely used.
The difference from the 3) common insert type is this have each mold base and insert for each parts
(3) common insert type
Several inserts of different dimension is inserted into a common mold base.
4. Considerations of tool design
(1) high castability
castability means normally mold flow. Good castability result in minimizing of casting defects such as nonfill, porosity, bilster Engineer's experiene is added at tool designing for better castability
(2) Low trouble
The trouble of diecating tool result in low production efficiency
Consideatations for low trouble diecating tool
a) Tool structure of hardness
b) Material of mold base and insert, heat treatment, hard ejctor pin to prevent deformation and breakage
     prevention of solder at high temperature area.
c) design with low core pins
(3) easy and quick tool change
(4) Warranty of tool life time
(5) Production cost and delivery of tool